Consciously Competent

I led a team of 7 designers responsible for creating the brand for the CMU Design Senior Exhibition, Consciously Competent. We designed the exhibition based on both a model of learning called the hierarchy of competence that related to the classes journey through college as well as the questions we faced entering into a new, uncertain period of our lives.

I also designed a custom typeface for the exhibition called Tiger Shrimp which you can download here ︎︎︎


Through conducting surveys of the Senior Class, we were able to determine that the class was experimental, playful, and bold which were key adjectives we used to guide the brand vision. 

Quotes, memories, and personal moments were integral to the identity of the class and as such, many assets for marketing and in the exhibition were created surrounding these themes through photography or typography.


We produced all the visual and motion assets for the three story exhibition as well as marketing through social media, flyers, posters, web and newsletters banners and more.

A few standout deliverables were a wall of 60 custom back-lit cubes, a fully interactive web-based drawing display created for wacom and projection, a 6 foot puzzle complete with box, and 24 foot long vinyl decals.

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