Langston Wells is a Communication Design student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA with an interest in motion graphics, branding, and illustration.

Currently at Bleacher Report but open for commissions or collaboration. Send inquiries to

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The ‘For You’ Project

Perception Board Game 

Photoshop, Illustrator, Laser-Cutting
Illustration / University / Spring 2019

Board Game Components︎︎︎

After a weekend trip to an indoor, flea market and stumbling upon a trunk full of vintage, family photographs, I began creating stories about the family in my head and wondering “Just who are these people?” These questions led me to create the board game concept, Perception, where you play as a group of friends exploring an abandoned house, discovering the secrets of the family that once lived there along the way through a chest full of old photographs. The game is full of mystery, intrigue, and laughter as each player takes a turn coming up with and voting on the story they like the most. Perception is designed as a casual, tabletop board game for 3-6 players and comes with a custom illustrated board, 7  wooden tokens, 60+ photograph cards, perforated paper sheets, pens, and instructions.

Card Design︎︎︎