Motion/Brand Design Intern
Bleacher Report, 2021
  • Designed 40+ posts, stories, and broadcast packages across Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Highest performing post generated 300,000 likes and 5,000 comments.
  • Analyzed competitors and designed brand identity pitch for portfolio brand, Open Ice.
  • Collaborated with producers across 10 unique brands on narrative development, custom animations and motion graphics templates for social media and in-app posts.

Brand Designer
CMU School of Design, 2021

  • Designed brand identity and led web design/development for DEI-focused website.
  • Developed social media strategy and brand vision, led copywriting, and created and managed visual assets, including 100+ icons and typographic system.
  • Managed design team producing visual identity for a 9 month lecture series with guests from Nike, Lego, and Google. Increased social media engagement 400% from prior year.

Brand Designer
Center for Shared Prosperity, 2021
  • Co-designed a branding package that consisted of variable wordmarks, typography, color, marketing materials, social media templates and grid layouts for a $30 million grant-endowed NPO.

Web Design Intern
Great Believer, 2020
  • Created UI animations for web developer implementation on client websites.
  • Designed and prototyped user interfaces, page layouts and micro-sites for clients within prototyping software, content management systems and web builders. 
  • Created visual for email marketing campaigns, newsletters, mockups, and infographics.

Graphic Design Internship
Wilton E. Scott Institute, 2019
  • Designed digital and print-ready materials for national conferences.
  • Reduced production costs by redesigning layouts and visuals for annual scientific publications.

Freelance Designer
Self-Employed, 2017-Pres