Langston Wells is a Communication Design student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA with an interest in motion graphics, branding, and illustration.

Currently at Bleacher Report but open for commissions or collaboration. Send inquiries to

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The ‘For You’ Project

The Sound Garden

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator
Design / University / Fall 2020
Link to Full Process on Figma

Overview of Print Designs︎︎︎

What ︎︎︎

The Sound Garden is the result of a collaborative design project between Joseph Zhang and myself wherein we created a branding system that would be used on flyers, posters, mailers and more to encourage the Friendship neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA to join their community and paint a mural on the five-way intersection of the Baum Grove Parklet on May 8-9, 2021.

Why ︎︎︎

In 2020, Friendship, PA won a grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art Initiative to paint a mural from a locally based artist on the center of the Baum Grove Parklet Intersection. Joseph and myself created materials based around the idea of a “Sound Garden,” a place in the center of the community that celebrates the unique sounds found in the community and the intersection.

How ︎︎︎

Initially, we began by compiling research on the area. First, we recorded audio clips of the intersection and began seeing how to interpret the raw data from the intersection into something beautiful that conveyed a story about the community. We began noticing specific sounds that we believed best represented the intersection (nature, people, animals, transportation, and weather) and began designing our assets around these unique sounds.

We began exploring various directions of how to best convey these sounds through iconography, patterns, line and type then transferred these ideas onto various marketing materials to begin to see how the system would come together. As the project required us to communicate an event specific to the neighborhood, we knew we wanted to have an interactive mail flyer (this would include a personalized invitation, a +1 postcard, a chalk pack, and a scavenger hunt) as well as posters to go in the neighborhood, additional signage to increase awareness in other neighborhoods, and day-of event signage.

Next we began a process of delineating the specific tone of the place through color, shape, compositions and type to begin honing in on a specific direction for our final deliverables. Through this process, Joseph and I had distinctive visions for the project, his being more modular and geometric, while mine focused on a more naturalistic and inviting formula, so we worked in parallel, coming together to critique and eventually swap assets to create unique compositions in our own voices through the pieces the other designer had made.

We eventually settled on a direction that felt fun, playful and inviting while still retaining each of the designers individual visions for the project through successful communication and collaboration. Link to the designer’s figma page for full process and final deliverables.

Branded Materials︎︎︎

Environmental Signage︎︎︎

Asphalt Art Design︎︎︎