Langston Wells is a Communication Design student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA with an interest in motion graphics, branding, and illustration.

Currently at Bleacher Report but open for commissions or collaboration. Send inquiries to

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The ‘For You’ Project

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Procreate, Unity
Illustration / University / Spring 2020

Role: Illustrator and Designer

Final Illustrations︎︎︎

Storybook Spreads︎︎︎


What ︎︎︎

Pitched initially as an AR children’s booklet concept, a team of computer programmers, designers, and myself worked collaboratively to create a compelling and educational experience surrounding “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter,” also known as “The Tale of Princess Kaguya,” that would make use of the creative potential of the print and digital mediums.


Books are incredibly powerful and have been transforming minds for millennials. The experiment here however was to see if the capabilities of AR, such as 3D models, animation, and touch interactions, could be used as an alternative  and optional tool to aid the reading and educational experience for a younger generation who is more digitally dependent, while not taking away from the reading experience. 

How ︎︎︎

The team began by researching Japanese culture and different art styles from traditional and contemporary time periods, creating mood boards of existing educational AR applications, storyboarding potential illustration layouts, and learning how to code these experiences in Unity. We decided to focus on different aspects of the experience to play to our team’s individual strengths, dividing the tasks into categories: 3D models, Unity Development, UI/UX, and Illustration.

After creating the individual assets needed to assemble the storybook, we split into 2 teams, visuals and development, to finalize the UI assets and Illustrations as well as the AR experience that would be triggered from interacting with the booklet. I worked on creating the illustrations in Photoshop and Illustrator, from which I brought into InDesign to finalize the layout of the booklet. I decided to add an extra educational opportunity in the book in the form of learning Japanese kanji connected to the visuals and text, as I would like to enable parents and childrens to have the liberty to choose the direction of their own education, whether it be digital or physical.


Project Management︎︎︎

As in most team projects, deciding on strict timelines can be difficult, even more so at the end of the semester with multiple projects due and people across multiple time zones. To create an efficient and effective time management system, we met weekly at the same time and prepared deliverables to be due at a set time as well, keeping track of our project’s tasks using a shared spreadsheet.

2D & 3D Visual Development︎︎︎

To fit both the 2D and 3D visuals within the same visual system, we decided on a simplified art style that would translate consistently across both but feel unique for each. For 3D, we created a low-poly art style that would render the objects recognizable but not add too much detail that it hinders the viewers imagination, while we employed a similar thought process to the illustrations where basic lines and shapes make up the forms, figures, and environments.